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Description: The Project Phantom is a currently unplayable project made for the Turn Based Summer Slow Jam. It is a persona-like that follows a group of 3 students over the course of 4 days in order to rid their school of phantoms that possess their faculty and to help a lost soul to move on (the jam version would've only included the first day.) The player assumes control of our main character, who over the 4 day time period will bond with their teammates during after school hangouts in a world where humans and ghost have always co-existed. Through these hangouts, you unlock special moves for your party and lead them in combat against the phantoms that haunt the school. 

Controls: Point and Click


  • The game is presented in a half visual novel style during regular play, and then turns into a tile based dungeon crawler during the night when your party is battling demons. 
  • A Turn Based Combat System that is derivative of both Pokemon and Persona. Each Party Member is a medium. A medium is a person who is more sensitive to the world of the paranormal. Our main character contains the special ability to not only be sensitive to this world, but also possess the ability to cross over to the spirit world where they can face these threats face on.
  • Each enemy encounter is a puzzle of sorts. Each with their own strategies and weaknesses. The player has to figure these out in order to beat these enemies quickly or else they will be overwhelmed. Most encounters in the game will be the party facing two Phantoms. Boss fights are a singular enemy with a significant amount of more HP than a regular enemy. 
  • In order to gain new, more powerful moves, the player participates in persona-esque social links with their teammates. The plot of the game has the party meet as strangers, but over time they get to know each other. On each day of the game afterschool, the player is able to pick which party member they wish to hangout with. These social links trigger visual novel style hangouts that will let you get to know your party members more intimately. After bonding with them, they will unlock a move. After 2 days of bonding, they will unlock their final move (which is extremely powerful.)


Daniel Matos: Artist and Game Designer 

Twitter: @MasterDan118

Instagram: @dans_illustrations

Shake Onigiri: Composer

Twitter: @Shakekonigiri

Website: https://kanoaichiyanagi.weebly.com/

Brit Duffey: Writer

Twitter: @genghiskhangis

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